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Daily Lesson Plan for Mathematics!!

An Example of Daily Lesson Plan for Mathematics

Tarikh: Masa: 60 minit

Kelas: Tahun 1 cerdik Bilangan murid: 30 orang

Subjek: Matematik Topik: whole number Learning Area: Nombor 0 hingga 10

Objektif pembelajaran :

Murid akan di ajar menyebut dan

Learning Outcomes:

1. Pupils

Previous Knowledge:

Thinking Skills:

Comparing and contrasting


Collaborating and helping each other

Teaching-Learning Resources:



Teaching and Learning Activities



(5 minutes)

Multiplication is a short-cut to do repeated addition.

1. The teacher poses the Tortoise-Shoe problem and guides pupils to suggest as many answers as possible as well as explaining their methods used to find the answers.

2. When repeated addition is suggested as the method, the teacher will introduce the lesson as learning a short cut for repeated addition.

Use Tortoise-Shoe problem card in Appendix 1.

Lesson Development

Class Activity (25 minutes)

2 + 2 + 2 = 3 x 2

(3 x 2) means 3groups (frogs), 2 objects (eyes) in each group.

2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 4 x 2

(4 x 2) means 4 groups, 2 objects in each group

3. Three frog-picture cards will be placed in the pocket chart. The teacher will discuss the method to find the total number of frog eyes and introduce multiplication as repeated additions.

4. The teacher will explain the meaning of 3and 2 in the phrase (3 x 2).

5. Steps 3 will be repeated with 4-frog picture cards and pupils will be asked to write the corresponding repeated-addition and multiplication sentence.

6. Step 3 to 5 will be repeated for other picture cards.

Use picture cards as shown in Appendix 2(a)

Use picture cards as shown in Appendix 2 (b), 2(c) & 2(d).

Small-Group Game

(10 minutes)

First throw is the number of groups; second throw is the number of objects in each group.

7. Pupils will play the “Rubber Bands and Counters” game in pairs.

Refer Appendix 3 for procedure of the game.

Value: Collaborating and helping each other



Teaching and Learning Activities


Class Practice

(15 minutes)

Pupils write repeated-addition and multiplication sentences based on pictures and vice versa.

8. Teacher will give worksheet and ask pupils to work in pairs.

9. Pupils will complete the worksheets in pairs and submit their completed worksheets to the teacher.

Refer Appendix 4 for the worksheet.

Value: Collaborating and helping each other


(5 minutes)

Conclusion for today lesson:

  • When a number is added repeatedly, it can be replaced by multiplication.

10. The teacher will lead the class to compare and contrast (4 x 3) and (3 + 3 + 3 + 3) and hence conclude the lesson.

11. The teacher will distribute homework to the pupils.

Thinking: Comparing and contrasting

Refer Appendix 5 for the homework.

Appendix 1: Picture of Tortoise-Shoe Problem

"One day, mother tortoise bring her 5 children tortoises to buy new shoes. Mother tortoise does not know how many shoes to buy. Please help her to find the answer."

Appendix 2: Picture Cards

Appendix 3: Rubber Bands & Counters Game

Materials: Rubber Bands; Counters; Dice

For two players


1. Each pair of pupils is given a dice, 12 pieces of rubber bands, 72 counters and 2 pieces of A4-size papers.

2. In each round, each player takes turn to throw the dice twice. The first throw shows the number of rubber bands whereas the second throw shows the number of counters in each rubber band.

3. After the first throw, each player will put as many rubber bands as the number shown in the throw on his/her A4-size paper. After the second throw, each player will put as many counters as the number shown in the throw in each rubber band.

4. At the end of each round, each player will write his/her corresponding multiplication sentence. The player with the higher product will be the winner for the round.

5. Steps 2 to 4 will be repeated for as many rounds as possible within the time allocated.


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